No ordinary place

Golden Mede is no ordinary place to live, owing much to the friendly community spirit of Waddesdon village in which it is located, and the historic Waddesdon Estate it is part of.

Connections to the Rothschild family date back to the 1870s, and close links with Waddesdon Manor are still very important today.

Golden Mede offers you the opportunity to live in this beautiful, historic place whilst enjoying the very best of Scandinavian influenced modern architecture, design and sustainability.

What other new homes have an historic 6,000 acre estate seconds from their back garden?

The estate

Golden Mede is part of the Waddesdon Estate, owned by the Rothschild family for over 150 years. In 1874 Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, laid the first stone to create Waddesdon Manor, and with it set the blueprint for the future.

The house and its gardens were only a part of his vision — he also reshaped the village, transformed the landscape and estate, and provided local amenities such as mains water, a doctor's surgery and the village hall. It was a far-sighted project, with an emphasis on excellent design, materials and living standards, and a focus on creating a strong community with the Manor at its heart.

Today the Estate stretches some 6,000 acres including a network of public rights of way, community sporting facilities, allotments, sustainable farming land, arable pastures and the award-winning RIBA Flint House, and of course, Golden Mede.



Rolf Nielsen

Through an international design competition, renowned architect C.F. Møller were selected, bringing the best of Scandinavian design and modern architecture together with homes that leave minimal environmental impact.

Every home at Golden Mede puts light, space and openness at the forefront. Many homes benefit from floor to ceiling windows, in proportions rarely seen in new homes. Rooms often have windows to two or even three sides. Spaces are designed to be open plan and offer vistas from one side of the home to another.

The homes here weren't taken from a standard design book, replicated across the country regardless of location because that's the cheapest way to do it. Instead, they are genuinely architecturally designed 'one-offs' never seen before.

They are distinctive, characterful, modern, sustainable and unique. We hope you will choose one of them to be your new home.

Our homes

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